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Metallic National Builder of the Year

Our Story

JB STEEL™ is a family business owned & operated out of Medford, Oregon. Our Award-Winning Steel Fabrication Shop has been a part of the Southern Oregon community since 1955 and we have specialized in Metal Buildings since 1970.

JB STEEL workers wearing neon yellow green shirts smiling for the camera
The first J.B. Steel, Inc. office building

Humble but hardworking beginnings

It was the construction of a new middle school that inspired founder and father Jack Batzer to begin his legacy of Batzer family-run construction companies. He was a superintendent on that project, and the construction of that school gave Jack the confidence to start his own company in 1955. Fifteen years later, facing escalated charges from a steel supplier while building a mill, Jack decided “we can do that too” and started his own steel manufacturing facility, JB STEEL™ in 1970. Since then JB STEEL™ has grown into a successful commercial and industrial contractor offering specialized knowledge and experience in structural steel, structural concrete, pre-engineered metal buildings.

JB STEEL™ is one of the longest run, family-owned, construction company’s in Southern Oregon. JB STEEL™ has created the culture and resources to serve their client base over the past 50 years. Following in their father’s footsteps, Andy, Bill, and Russ have continued the tradition of providing quality construction services. They have gone above and beyond by diversifying into secondary and complimentary business markets that provide stability for its’ employees and clients. In the words of Jack Batzer “You’ve got to do good work and you’ve got to be conscientious”, understanding the value of maintaining a good reputation.

A white Bobcat tractor breaking up asphalt at a job site

Excellence Shows

We are proud to have been partnered with Metallic Building Company & NCI Group since 1997. While we have been honored numerous times by Metallic in the past, we were thrilled to be awarded Metallic’s 2015 Builder of the Year. Making us the only Oregon based company to receive this prestigious award. We believe quality cannot be compromised. Our success is directly dependent on years of dedication to excellence.

JB STEEL™’s diversity of business solutions provides its customers with the experience and the resources to complete each project successfully. JB STEEL™ has taken the core values started by Jack Batzer and cultivated them into what we deliver today. Seamless transitions in self-performed structural concrete, site concrete, steel fabrication and installation provide distinct advantages for project budgets and schedules. Our diverse clientele include mills, airports, schools, banks, credit unions, co-ops, government, education, healthcare, tech-industry, retail, agricultural buildings, and many more!

For nearly five decades, we’ve been providing design-build & contracting services for new construction projects, renovations and even service repairs for commercial and industrial buildings. Our projects range in size from $100,000 – $25 million. Since 2000, we have earned 25+ awards from various public and private entities as well as Metallic Building Magazine for Excellence and Service. We continually connect with the communities where we work by keeping things local and utilizing specific specialized subcontractors wherever the job may take us. JB STEEL™’s approach to design and construction is always based on finding ways to streamline processes, reduce waste, and minimize the environmental impact of our operations while lowering construction costs. We rely on practical construction solutions and continually look for cost-effective, environmentally friendly options for all of the construction services we provide.

Metallic Builder of the Year Award

The Builder of the Year Award is presented annually to an Authorized Metallic Builder to recognize their consistent contributions to the pre-engineered metal building construction industry and their local community, and the builder’s innovative use of metal building materials. JB STEEL™ has previously earned Metallic excellence and merit awards and a spot in the Metallic M-Team (top 25 builders in the nation) on numerous occasions.

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